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Jackery Explorer portable power station.Product Name: Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station
Price: $249.99
Where: Amazon.com
Dimensions: 5.19” x 9.05” x 7.67”
Weight: 6.61-lbs
Power: Battery / Solar 
Wattage: 200 Watts
My Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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Being without power can be a pain! Especially when you are away from home. There is one way you can make sure you have power everywhere you go. That way is to have a Jackery Portable power station with you whenever you leave on long trips away from home.

The Jackery Explorer is one of the best portable generators you can have. It’s lightweight and portable easy to carry with you wherever you go. The Explorer is specially made for charging of laptops, cell phones small refrigerators and whatever kind of small electronics that you might need to be charged.

Jackery Portable Power Station Reviewed

The Jackery Explorer 240 packs a big punch for such a compact generator. You get 110v / 240w of power. That’s enough to charge all your electronic devices when you are on the go. This power station is handy if you have a family of teens that play sports. 

Because you know at that age when you are away at sporting events, the kids are going to be always be needing their phones, laptops, and whatever else device that they have charged.

It’s easy to carry and lightweight at only a little over 6 pounds. Some women’s purses are more massive than that lol.

What I Like about the Jackery Portable Power Station

This portable power station by Jackery has many great features that I love.


The portability of this power station is impeccable. It weighs in at under 7 pounds so even a child could carry it. And the size is small enough to fit easily into your vehicle or a cabinet in your RV, taking up very little space.

Clean Power & Extremely Quiet

No fuel is needed with the Explorer! It runs on lithium-ion batteries, or you can use solar panels to charge it. Solar adapters and panel sold separately. Being small and not using fuel makes this one of the quietest portable generators you will ever own.

3 Ways to Recharge

There are three easy ways you can recharge the Explorer. You can either charge the lithium-ion batteries by plugging it into an ac outlet this option takes 7 to 8 hours to charge. Charge it right in a port in your car which takes about 7 to 8 hours to fully charge, or you can opt for the 60W SolarSag solar panel which Jackery sells. 

The solar panel is sold separately. The solar panel option is a great extra option to have, especially if you are out in the middle of nowhere and are roughing it without a vehicle.

Outlets Included in The Explorer

Jackery us standard outletsThere are three outlet options installed in the Explorer power station so that you can charge and run several electronic items. There’s a 12 volt / 10 amp car cigarette lighter type outlet that you can charge a pump or a cooler with.

You also get a 110 volt / 200 watts AC outlet that you can run a TV, laptop computer, iPad, lights or whatever small appliance that you could typically plugin at home in a regular outlet.

Included is a USB port that you can charge your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, GoPro or whatever electronics that take a USB port to load. So you can say the Explorer is one of the most versatile portable power stations that you can find today.

Even Power Your CPAP Machine

As unbelievable as it sounds, you can also power your CPAP machine with the Jackery power station. Get a good night’s sleep when you are out camping even if you use CPAP! To equip your CPAP machine for a longer time, you will want to remove the heater/humidifier on the device.

Be Prepared For an Emergency

One of the most important factors that the Jackery portable power station can play in your life is helping you be prepared and ready in case an emergency strikes. You never know when a catastrophe will hit home.

You and your family and friends could depend on you having a portable power station of this caliber ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Having a device like this is essential in powering important emergency devices that you will want working like smartphones, a laptop, an emergency radio or whatever you might need to keep in contact with the outside world.

You could be stranded for days and you need the power to keep in touch with others so they may be able to rescue you.

Optional Solar Panel

Foldable, 60 watts, portable solar panel charger with charger with cords and accessories.

To have the utmost emergency preparedness you will want to get a compatible foldable 60W solar panel so that you can power the Explorer from the sun’s own rays. The solar panel is sold separately but is worth the cost to have that added charging power when you have no other options.

Why Should I Get The Explorer?

I think it’s obvious why you should get your own Jackery portable power station. But if you need some reasons, I will provide you some.

  • Portable easily carry with you and store when you are out camping, at sporting events, fishing, or tailgating and backyard barbeques.
  • Power Your CPAP machine while camping.
  • Charge just about anything with the three outlet options included in the Jackery
  • Quickly charge all your electronics, including iPhone, laptop, electric cooler, TV, iPad, etc.
  • Solar Panel Compatible
  • Charge multiple ports at the same time.
  • Tested for charging a Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 35W continuously for 24 hours.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should get yourself a Jackery Explorer portable power station. It’s one of the best portable generators on the market, and it’s a best seller on Amazon.com. The reviews on Amazon are through the roof positive.

I recommend the Jackery portable power station Explorer for anyone that wants a compact, reliable power station for when you are on the go!

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I hope you got some useful information from this review that will help you make an informed buying decision. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below, and I will be happy to answer any questions related to the Jackery Explorer.

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