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Briggs and Stratton have been around for many years. It is one of the Top brands in the generator industry. It is also one of the top selling brands in the industry. They also make standalone engines for a variety of different products from lawn mowers to wood splitters. You can trust a brand like this for its durability, longevity, and quality of craftsmanship they put into it.

Company History

Briggs and Stratton have been around since 1908. The company started in Milwaukee Wisconsin and is now based in Wauwatosa Wisconsin. There are 13 manufacturing plants in the United States and 8 others in various parts of the world. Their products are sold in 100 different countries around the world with about 10 million units being produced every year! They have stood the test of time.

In my opinion, a Briggs and Stratton inverter generator is well worth the investment. A product like theirs could last a lifetime if maintained on a regular basis and not left out in the elements when not in use. Without further ado, we will show you some of their inverter generators that are on the market today.

Types Of Inverter Generators

There are a few types of inverter generators by Briggs and Stratton. We will be explaining 3 of them today. They are based on wattage output of the specific generator.

—->Briggs and Stratton Powersmart Series Portable 2200 Watt<—-

Model number 30651 P2200 inverter generator with parallel capability.

Powersmart- 2200- Watt- Portable- Inverter- Generator

  • Quiet and fuel efficient 111 cc OHV engine produces 2,200 starting watts and 1700 running watts
  • Produces less than 3% total harmonic distortion making it safe for laptop computers, TVs and game systems. Run Time up to 8.0 @ 25% Load
  • 1-gallon fuel tank for up to 8 hours of continuous operation at 25% load, USB port allows charging of portable electronics in order to stay connected
  • Parallel connector port allows connection between 2 units for more power. Muffler: Super Lo-Tone. Start Type: Recoil
  • At 59dB operating volume, it’s quieter than a normal conversation (Sound levels may vary based on proximity and location; measured at ¼ load at 7 meters from control panel side)
  • Can not be shipped to the state of California

—->Briggs and Stratton Powersmart Series Portable 3,000 Watt<—-

The next size bigger is the 3,000-watt inverter generator. Model number 30545 P3000. This model has (4) 120 volt AC outlets and (1) 12 volt DC outlet.

  • Run Time:up to 10 @ 1/4 Load
  • Running Amps 21.7A
  • Clean and instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics running during a power outage, 30545s engine speed reduces noise, fuel consumption, and emissions
  • Quieter than a traditional camping generator with enough power to start a standard RV air conditioner
  • 1.5-gallon fuel tank for an impressive 10-hours of continuous operation at 25-percent load on a full tank. Engine Displacement (cc) – 171
  • (4) household outlets (1) 12-volt 30-amp locking outlet with RV adapter DC charging outlet and a USB port
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Can not be shipped to the state of California

—->Briggs and Stratton 6500 Starting Watts QuietPower Series<—-

This one is a portable inverter generator for home backup use. Model number 30675 Q6500.

  • Quiet, portable inverter generator delivers 6,500 starting watts of reliable home backup power
  • QuietPower Series inverter technology and a noise-reducing shell give you power that’s more than 60% quieter than a standard generator (66 dBA at 25% load)
  • Design is 45% more compact & 30% lighter (128 lbs) than a standard portable generator. Start Type: Recoil
  • Highly-efficient 306cc Briggs & Stratton integrated engine/alternator provides up to 14 hours of run time at 25% load
  • Power a wide variety of electronics & devices at the same time with (4) 120V-20A outlets, (2) USB outlets & (1) 120V-240V locking outlet. Use of RV adapter in the twist lock outlet provides 2500W of continuous power (120V / 20.8A)
  • Cannot be shipped to the state of California

The Parallel Connector Kit Option

These are just 3 of the portable inverter generators from Briggs and Stratton. They have many more models out there but these are the 3 of the best portable ones on the market. If I was in the market for an inverter generator then I would assess what my wattage needs would be and I would pick one of these 3. I believe you can’t go wrong with this brand no matter which unit you decide to buy.

Their quality is superb. They are durable and could last a lifetime if maintained properly. I have one more option for you that could be purchased. It’s called the power pack. The package comes with 2 inverter generators. The 2200 watts and 3000 watts plus the parallel cable connector kit. This would give you 5200 watts altogether. Great choice if you want more power in smaller portable units. This is a cheaper option than buying them all separately.

  • Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200-Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability
  • Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable 3000-Watt Inverter Generator with (4) 120-Volt AC Outlets and (1) 12-Volt DC Outlet
  • Briggs & Stratton 6278 120 Volt Parallel Cable Connector Kit for PowerSmart Series Inverters

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